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I am a mathematical physicist with an interest in topological solitons, particularly integrable vortices and magnetic skyrmions. Further details about my current and previous directions of research can be found on my research page.

Currently, I am a Lecturer in Physics within the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Edge Hill University. My University research page is available here. I am an associate fellow of Advanced HE.

Before joining Edge Hill, I was a Research Felow at University College London within Lorenzo Foscolo's group in the Mathematics department. Prior to that, I was a special purpose Lecturer in Physics at University College Cork for the 2020-2021 academic year. Details of the modules that I taught while at UCC or on my teaching page. During 2019-2020, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Topological Sciences group at Keio university working with Muneto Nitta. While in Japan I primarily worked on magnetic solitons, particularly questions about the interaction of magnetic skyrmions and the phase diagram of chiral magnets. I am still affiliated with Keio University, initially as a visiting researcher and now as a visiting lecturer.

I did my PhD student in the mathematical physics group at Heriot-Watt University under the supervison of Bernd Schroers. While in Edinburgh I was an active member of the Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group. I have an MPhys in Theoretical Physics from Lancaster University and a MASt in Applied Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. At Lancaster I did a Master's project on Physical Applications of Products of Geometric Distributions and while at Cambridge I wrote a Part III Essay on the Geometry of Supersymmetric and Super-Conformal Quantum Mechanics.


In July 2024 I am hosting a one day workshop on topological solitons. The webpage for the work shop is here. This workshop is supported by a LMS celebrating new appointments grant. The grant supports the travel and accomoddation of speakers and can also be used to support research students who would like to attend. The details of the workshop are given on its webpage, if you are interested in attending then please get in touch.

Solitons at Work

The Solitons at Work network is an online community of researchers working on all things solitons. Since 2022 I have been a member of the organising committe and have helped to run the the online seminar series. Recordings of most of the talks are available on the seminar page.


Edge Hill has a GTA scheme to fund PhD students, and has a MRes scheme detailed here. If you are interested in doing a PhD or MRes with me then please get in touch. Broadly I am interested in topics related to topological solitons and would be happy to discuss projects related to solitons in chiral magnets, the geometry of soliton moduli spaces, integrable vortices, calorons, and instantons on gravitational instantons.


Chalkdust is a magazine for the mathematically curious featuring articles written by mathematics enthusiast from all over the world. It is a great magazine and I recommend that you check it out, though I may be biased as a member of the team that produces it.


Edge Hill University
Email: calum.ross[at]edgehill[dot]ac[dot]uk

Other Interests

As you can probably tell from all the photos on this page I am a keen hillwalker and climber. I can also often be found out cycling.